Thursday, November 06, 2014

The saw Lady, A Subway Musician!

The saw Lady.
New York and Subway music, yes they goes far back as the time I was studying in the east cost, stealing weekends to roam around New York. Yes I love them and thankful to them for bringing  smiles and joy to all the weary people. Yes the subway musicians exited way before, much longer than my experience.
I enjoyed the Signal Strength, the concert by subway musicians over Skype. First it was because Skype but later realizing the value and the effort that went to accomplish the task. Through the concert post and a subsequent tweet, I got to know the Saw Lady. A happy musician, wanting make people happy. I listen to her play, Lame Sonore, a song written specifically for the Musical Saw by Scott Munson, over at Youtube and you should too.. Her infectious smile adds to the superb control of the instrument.
If you enjoyed the performance, even a bit, please support her by visiting her site, to leave a tip or to get her music. She is on iTunes as well.


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