Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Google App, Gets Material Design - OK Google!

OK Google you got me!

If you got an Android device running android Lollipop, you will notice that the Google App is a bit, no a lot spiffier! Yes, Google is rolling out Material Design to search, with bold colors, fluid animations and simplified layouts.
Ok, Google! Yes I am sure you have seen the ad, and tried it with your phone :). Yes you can, if you have a Nexus 6, Nexus 9 or Samsung Galaxy Note4, now you can set up your phone so you can say “Ok Google” to ask a question even if your screen is off and your phone is unplugged. Like as goole say when your both hands are full and need some answers and you only have your Android near you!

Another feature with Google app and OK Google is that now it can help you search for exactly what you need—even if it’s in another app.
This now works with a number of apps, so you can also research the best Maui hotels on TripAdvisor, listen to your jam on TuneIn, find a dream home on Trulia, or get tips on how to carve a turkey on YouTube
 With the new reminder feature, you can also rely more and more on the Google app to help you organize your life: you may notice a new card asking if you want to be reminded of plans you have made.
For those times you’ve gotten an email about something but forgotten to follow up, Google can now catch potential plans buried in your Gmail: it’ll prompt you to add them to your calendar then serve up reminders, so you can stay on top of staying in touch.

As you scramble to get through the end of the year, the app will also help you keep track of your trips (whether you’re seeing the family on Thanksgiving or jetting to Vegas for New Year’s eve), to-do lists (did you pay your utility bill? pick up the wine for your Christmas party?) and more (the Bulls score, where you parked your car) with Now cards.
And, your Google app now doubles as a virtual coin
Korean BBQ or pizza? Can't decide? just say “Ok Google, flip a coin” and make those decisions in a snap.
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