Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Android 5.0 Factory Images For Nexus 9 (Voluntis) And Google Play (Fugu) Are Released!

Android 5.0 Factory Images

Lollipop Factory Images
Google Android team has always been good for releasing binary factory images for devices that we play around with. We have rescued our Google devices a multiple times using these factory images. Now it seems Nexus 9 and Google Play users are able to join the fun but the rest will have to wait. There are no images for Nexus 6, yet, nor for other Google devices.
If you are new to flashing factory images, instruction are provided.
But there is a difference in release this time, in a post on Android Building forum, Bill Yi let us know that;
"Proprietary Binaries are also available for Fugu.  No proprietary binaries are needed for Volantis. The proprietary vendor binaries are on a separate 'vendor' partition, which is flashed with the factory image update, should not change for AOSP development builds (only boot, recovery, and system partitions need to be updated)."
Google Android Images.


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