Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Apple Found Infringing SkyTel Patents, Ordered To Pay $23.6 Million.

Unfair Apple ordered to pay $23.6 Million.
Two way messaging Patents developed for the SkyTel network and owned by Mobile Telecommunications Technologies LLC are sound and were infringed by Apple, a federal jury in Marshall, Texas, said late yesterday. MTel, was awarded $23.6 million, about a tenth of what it had been seeking in damages. It was seeking $1 per device which amounted to $237.2 Million. MTel claimed Apple’s Airport Wi-Fi products and iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices with messaging used the technology. 
“Apple is refusing to acknowledge the contributions of others, This case is about fairness.” MTel lawyer Deron Dacus of the Dacus Firm in Tyler, Texas, told the jury in closing arguments. Guess Apple was unfair, in the eyes of the jury.
Samsung, Apple's rival also faces the similar lawsuit scheduled to go in to a trial by jury soon.


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