Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Verizon Will Not Sue, If Returned To Weak NetNeutrality Rules Without Utility Rules!

Joker from Wikia.
Some time other than jokers make you laugh. Looks like Verizon is backtracking in a hurry and may also be hoping that we will not notice. Verizon originally sued FCC bringing us to the current title II debate. FCC issued rules preventing Internet service providers from blocking or discriminating against traffic by relying on Section 706 of the Telecommunications Act in 2010. Verizon sued and won. Due to the lawsuit by Verizon, Federal Appeals court decided that FCC could not issue what amounted to common carrier rules without first reclassifying broadband service as a utility, similar to the traditional phone network. Now Verizon wants to go back to the original.
So as now FCC is getting on track to make  title II happen. Even if Verizon's users forgive them, I doubt big boys like AT&T and Comcast will. Hope the ex parte letter could be used in the next law suit.
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