Saturday, November 08, 2014

Hospitality Management System For PIAF, Incredible PBX, ELASTIX, FREEPBX

Hospitality Management System For Asterisk Based Systems.

Seeing that there is an interest on out post "Manage Your Hotel Switchboard With Elastix, Easily" I decided to revisit the subject.
Yes the project is very much alive and seem to have continued support on Ward Mundy's PIAF forum and seem to have survive a bunch of upgrades to the related systems. The blog post we pointed to on Elastix is still there but comments are filled with junk so could not find if they continue to support it. The content seemed be fine and validated by the original author on PIAF forum.
What is more is that code is now on GITHUB under PIAF-HMS and could be downloaded from there as well as the resource link provided by / on PIAF forum. Don't just stop at the first page, traverse a bit further and learn about changes that were made by various members.
Ward had this to say about the software;

This is a phenomenal piece of software. I've unfortunately been sitting on it for several months waiting for a spare moment to review it on Nerd Vittles. Anyone in the hospitality business will love it. Period!
Happy Voiping.


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