Friday, November 14, 2014

AT&T Halts Using Perma-Cookies, For Now.

AT7T Tracking Mobile Traffic.
Up until last week, AT&T had been inserting a unique identifier in web traffic sent by its wireless customers, be it phones or tablets. AT7T has said it was a test program, and now been stopped. But before you may rejoice, AT&T also mentioned that;
“We don’t currently have a Relevant Advertising program in place, but we could have one in the future, It could be this exact program that we tested, it could be something else entirely.”
said Emily Edmonds, an AT&T spokesperson.
Try to use WiFi connection whenever possible. It will not entirely stop but may reduce some. Also you can throw them off the track, take an irrelevant path to your destination, periodically hit back button twice. They will have your data, but with some garbage. If Possible, use a VPN!


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