Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Samsung To Manufacture Apple Processors For iPhone, iPad!

Samsung partners with GlobalFoundries to fabricate Apple processors.

According to Korea Times, Samsung will be the major manufacturer of Processors used by Apple in iPhone and iPads. The A-series processors used by Apple will be designed by Apple and Samsung (80%) and TSMC(20%) will manufacture them. Samsung will fabricate them in partnership with GlobalFoundries (GF), a semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif.
Apple took away chip business from Samsung some time back when it started it's patent battle with Samsung. TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) was the major manufacturer for Apple Processors.

"Apple has designated Samsung as the primary supplier of its next A-series chips powering iOS devices from 2016 as the alliance with GlobalFoundries (GF) enabled Samsung to cut off capacity risk," a source familiar with the deal said.

Samsung Electronics agreed with Apple to produce application processors (APs) from next year for iPhones and iPads, sources said Monday.
Korea Times.


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