Sunday, November 16, 2014

Microsift Band Reviewed

Microsoft Band

Does the first device opening up Microsoft Health that plans to take on Apple Health and Google Fit (not the uber failure, Google Health), shine in the world of smart wrist devices? It could be, only if Microsoft beta test it else where, rather than on the market place, according to EnGadget. The reviewer says;
.... And the Band seems more like a prototype than a consumer device. It's bulky, uncomfortable and has disappointing battery life. You could get a comfortable fitness tracker for less, or a capable smartwatch for a few bucks more.
But you can weight the Pros;
  • Works on iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Lots of data, thanks to a raft of sensors
  • App has a clean design and shows promise
  • Connects to Cortana on Windows Phone
  • Guided workouts are extremely helpful
And Cons;
  • Hardware is uncomfortable and poorly designed
  • Microsoft Health is mostly promise
  • Smartwatch-like battery life
  • Does too many things, many of them poorly
  • Seriously, the Band is really uncomfortable
and decide for yourself, as it is one man's view. I have settled for a Withings as that is what I am looking for, for now. I do not have a Data Rash from the band or the the device yet.


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