Sunday, July 15, 2007

Digium gets a hardware challange from far east!

We all knew that Digium was battling it out with Sangoma for the space of Asterisk telephony hardware. I cannot comment about Sangoma hardware because I have not used them. But I do use Digium hardware and I cam comment on them. Basically I am very happy with them and only time I had to call Digium support was to get my G.729 codec activated. I know I am a low maintenance user as I have messed with the original Zapata hardware and been doing this for a while. One way or the other, I was adamant on using Digium hardware when ever or where ever I had to consult on a VoIP project.
But now I see a little problem that an article by SimplePBX introduced to me! Many other vendors seems to be jumping on the Asterisk hardware solutions and offering them at lower prices. I have to confess again, like Sangoma, I do not know about these product more than what they advertise. But I can hear my clients saying "we can get the same product for half the price!" . Well I am getting ready for them, "So then I will be able to double my earnings, because I will be spending so much time with you trouble shooting unknown issues!". My engineers have had a very easy time with Digium hardware and Asterisk software be they be two FXO interface or two T1 interfaces with 48 channels. This have made my life easier and my clients lives as well.
I enjoy a very strong relationship with my clients and I still might get away with recommending Digium hardware for a while. But for how long. Half the price is a strong argument!

Here is the article by SimplePBX people, Are Chinese Manufacturers Going To Destroy Digium's (Asterisk) Hardware Business?


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