Wednesday, January 06, 2010

iPhone vs Nexus One, Total Cost Of Ownership, Nexus One Wins Hands Down.

Nexus One vs iPhone
With everyone looking at Nexus One as the new smart phone contender in a crowded arena, Billshrink has gone and done some comparisons to find what is the smartest phone among Nexus One, iPhone. Palm Pre and the Motorola Droid. Looks like Nexus One and it's owners seem to be smarter.
Between Nexus One and iPhone, according to the report, there is a big difference in TCO due to the cost of unlimited Voice, Data and Texting, AT&T and iPhone will take $150(149.99) while Nexus One on T-Mobile only costs $100(99.99) a month. Then there are other stuff like battery life, camera capabilities and other features of the phones that were compared as well.

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