Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nexus One (Google Phone) Confirmed And Googlers Having Android dogfood For The Holidays

Nexus One (Google Phone)
After looking at the the New Google phone photos yesterday and checking out twitter post by Googler, it is now confirmed that Googlers are fed with Android Dog Food for the holidays. I guess that would be, indeed a good Xmas gift thanks to Google Mobile Lab!
According to Google Mobile Blog, the new device, the Google phone has been given to Googlers across the globe and we can expect to hear from those folks soon I guess.

unlockr got this and other photos a while back
The Google Phone is rumored to be a customized version of HTC's HD2 and will be an unlocked phone that could run on T-Mobile or AT&T networks. It is a GSM Phone.
The phone is equipped with snapdragon chip you interface with via a hires OLED touchscreen. The on screen keyboard is complemented by voice to text feature to compose anything that need to be typed!
Nexus One, indeed!
Official Google Mobile Blog: An Android dogfood diet for the holidays.


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