Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PoMMeS tablet Is Not An Apple Tablet Even though Pommes=Apple!

PoMMeS tablet snapvoip.blogspot.com

A french firm Thomson and Technicolor has released information about a new tablet computer via a FCC filing. The tablet is known as  PoMMeS tablet (Pommes in French means Apple) and is funny to find out at the time of the Apple Tablet release. Perhaps to confuse all of us even more about them apples and tablets. The device it too thick and ungainly to be an Apple Tablet, even if French speaking people believes it's name!
The images of the product lead us to believe it is rather cheap knock off than a contender to the Apple tablet. The device seems to be manufactured in China by PCCW and sports a 800X400 LCD Touch screen, webcam, mic and audio out and an USB port. Under the hood it has Texas Instruments DaVinci and Xilinx logic chips, leading us to associate the device with IPTV, Video and VoIP conferencing.
FCC via Technabob


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