Sunday, August 03, 2008

ClueCon Telephony User and Developer Conference

Even though it is bit late I would like to point you to an exciting VoIP Conference taking place very soon. It will be held at Best Western Inn of Chicago. 162 E Ohio Street. Chicago, Illinois 60611.
ClueCon is the annual 3-Day Telephony User and Developer Conference that brings together people from all walks of Telephony from analog to digital, like TDM <-> VoIP and beyond. The presentations and discussions are set to cover several open source telephony applications such as Asterisk/Callweaver, OpenSER, Bayonne, YATE and FreeSWITCH.

I think it is another point to learn or to shine your expertise. I was late in introducing the conference but I hope at least you will find the information about the conference useful. The panels are themselves experts form the industry and you will certainly learn a lot for that collection of brain power.

Cluecon 2008! has a few different packages and you can chose as it fit yourself or your orgnization.

a. Entrance/Participation Fee - $699 (3-day conference), early bird rate until May 15, 2008

b. Bronze Sponsor Status - $1500 (includes private labeled corporate giveaways for your company)

c. Developer Entrance Fee - $2500 (includes 3-day conference entrance fee, hotel stay, bronze sponsor status, program advertisements)

d. Open Source Application Developer Discount - $50 discount will be given to any participant developer who has contributed to an Asterisk (c) project

e. Group Discount for every group of 5 people - get 10% discount

Register Now! Download Cluecon Credit Card Authorization form here. Please send a signed copy through fax: 888-2174459.

The schedule could be found here. You will be able to hear;
Robert Jongbloed - Co-founder of OpenH323, the first Open Source H.323 stack
Andy Abramson is founder and CEO of Comunicano, Inc.
Anthony Minessale – is the lead developer and creator of FreeSWITCH
Nenad Corbic – Chief Software Engineer of Sangoma Technologies
Craig Southeren – is a co-founder of the OPAL/OpenH323 and Woomera projects
Dean Elwood is co-founder and editor of VoIP User, a community site
Jeff Dworkin - Enterprise Marketing Manager, Dialogic Corporation.
Simon Perreault is co-developer and maintainer of the IPv6 port of Asterisk
And Many more speakers. The above are people whom I know and hold with higher regard. Specially the Robert Jongbloed, because of whom I was able to hack VoIP.


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