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Spokn, Web Based Telephony Service Launched!


Andy Abramson led me to this new web based VoIP IP Telephony service Spokn out of India. It seems like They have managed to get together Google Voice, SIP trunking with features likes of from Truphone together.
The company and the product is offering a global service at a cost effective rates. Spokn is available on Windows Mobile, Nokia, blackberry, PCs and any standard SIP device like SIP Phones. Check it out! links after the jump.
Here is their press release from last year when they launched the product;
Mumbai, India, Nov 10, 2009: Geodesic, an innovator in software products focused on Information, Communication and Entertainment, enters the voice communication space with  Spokn, the definitive internet telephony service.
Internet voice communication so far has always had the feeling of compromise – With Spokn that’s finally no longer the case.
Spokn is the most comprehensive service internet telephony service to date with a host of breakthrough features that will change the way voice communications is used forever.
A global service from day one with a worldwide launch, Spokn is a new generation service that is a true bridge between traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.
Traditional internet telephony has required one be connected to the internet. Spokn frees internet telephony from the tyranny of the computer giving users the benefit of inexpensive internet calling rates on a wide variety of devices – mobile phones, smart phones, regular land lines in addition to computers. Incoming calls can ring any or all of these devices keeping Spokn users in touch whether they are online or not.
Spokn’s Free Incoming Service is a world’s first that allows Spokn subscribers to be reached at the cost of a local call from over 40 countries worldwide for free. And at a small cost they can even choose to receive these incoming calls on their mobile phones or land lines.
Voice Messaging Service (VMS) is another Spokn breakthrough. With VMS one records and sends a 20 sec message to any telephone or email account worldwide. VMS to emails are free and VMS to phones have a low and fixed cost that includes a free 20 sec reply.
Spokn also offers a traditional voice mail that is delivered to subscribers email address at no cost – when users are not connected to the Internet or are offline
Spokn also brings subscribers a free Voice Mail facility. Callers are directed to record a voice mail that is delivered to the subscribers email address at no cost when one is not connected or offline.
Spokn subscribers have the unique option to acquire their own local phone number in any of ten countries at just $1 a month. This way they can be reached at a cheaper-to-call country. Businesses with a client base in these countries can be accessible to their clients at a local call as well.
Underlining all these innovations is the fact that Spokn brings to market perhaps the lowest prices long distance calling has seen. In addition Spokn prices are a refreshing change from the complications and hidden charges of many internet telephony operators. Spokn has the transparent and clear cost structures with no hidden charges, connection fees and complicated caveats. Calls are charged in blocks of a minute and credits never expire.
These are just some of what will make Spokn the reference point for all voice communications providers.
Mr. Anil Raj heads Spokn. Anil is a seasoned telecom professional who has spent over a decade with the Ericsson group in Asia and Europe and in addition to launching the Hutch brand in India has been Chairman of Symbian Plc as well as on the board of numerous companies.
Mr. Anil Raj says, “Spokn is a true revolution in the world of telecom. Not just a new technological offering but also a new attitude. Innovative but also honest, radical in approach but simple and straightforward to use. Finally I think callers have a product that truly brings together the promise of Internet telecommunications with the convenience of traditional telephony.”
Mr. Kiran Kulkarni, Co-founder/Managing Director of Geodesic Limited adds, “Spokn is an important offering that has the potential to redefine the way voice communications and the Internet synergize. There is a huge and growing scope here and our stakeholders can look forward to many exciting developments from Spokn that changes the way people communicate.
In addition, Spokn completes Geodesic’s suite of communication services adding Voice to our current portfolio of email, Internet Messaging(IM) and SMS offerings keeping Geodesic in the forefront of communications providers.”

Andy Abramson 

Spokn can be downloaded from


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