Wednesday, December 31, 2008

48k CD Quality VoIP with CELT, Another First From FreeSwitch!

FreeSwitch has started supporting CELT, a new open source audio codec that allows for CD-quality voice and sound transmission. This certainly a boost for VoIP World. CELT is an "ultra-low delay" audio codec that supports both voice and music and said to carry 48kHz VoIP in 48kbps of bandwidth. Compare that to PCM mu-law codec, G.711u, which consumes 64kbps of bandwidth to carry 8kHz audio!
I have not yet tested the codec but plan to integrate the mod_celt and the new FreeSwitch client very soon in my testing rig. Main while, you can find more information at FreeSwitch Post and the following links.

For more information on CELT please visit the project home page and for more information on other free codecs please visit the Xiph page.


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