Monday, April 20, 2009

Be An Astricon 2009 Speaker!

Astricon 2009
Astricon 2009, which is to be held in October 13-15, 2009 at Renaissance Glendale Hotel & Spa,
Glendale, Arizona — USA (Where I plan to be this year) is considering speakers for the event.
We all know we have a Asterisk experts and Gurus among us. There are many people who have done wonders with this great Open Source Communication Tool we recognize as Asterisk. Then again we have people who scaled Digium or other hardware in building a cluster of IP PBXs based on Asterisk.
Yes a whole world might benefit from your achievements and wonder and that could only be done if you share the story with us.
If you think you got the stuff, Astricon wants to hear from you and you can tell them what you got by filling out the speaker form, You might be telling me how to Asterisk!
Digium acquired Sokol & Associates and Astricon about two years ago.


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