Saturday, April 04, 2009

Truphone Brings Low Cost International BlackBerry Wireless Calls To USA With "Truphone Business"

Truphone Business
Comunicano published a few days ago that Truphone Channel Partner Program for the U.S. is in full swing and actively reaching for partnerships to sell and distribute Truphone Business to companies throughout the U.S.
As we all know while we dangle iPhones like candy bars, we have balckberries on our hips, all the time because they are robust business tools. So Truphone is targeting these devices with Truphone Business, specifically designed for Balckberry devices.
"Truphone Business is a BlackBerry application enabling business users to make international phone calls from their BlackBerrys at wireline rates, typically saving 50 percent or more on call charges."
This program enables channel partners to earn managed service revenues with no investment in equipment, no technical staff or training. To top this off Truphone also offers free trials of Truphone Business to further support the sales process.
The customer proposition for Truphone Business is very simple, providing a great differentiator for BlackBerry resellers. The solution is therefore easy to sell and can quickly lead to additional recurring revenues from an existing BlackBerry customer base.” said John Irvine, director of business services at Truphone , “Our channel program has been designed to take a highly active role in supporting our partners, ensuring that they can be up and running in no time at all, and focusing on what they do best - selling.”
The press release could be found at Comunicano and interested parties could email or register their interest at


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