Monday, April 13, 2009

Ooma Phone Service Goes Down And Up

Ooma Down
Ooma has announced that the service failure due to the their internet service provider and the system is back up. They also requested to reboot your Ooma hub;

"As of 5PM, most service has been fully restored. Some Hubs may not recover automatically in an expedient manner - if your ooma service is still down, please reboot your ooma Hub. Unplug power from the back of the device, wait one minute and then plug the power back in. The ooma Hub may need to download a software update, but it should go into service shortly thereafter."

Ooma Phone service based in Palo Alto, went down about 11:00 AM and remained down until late afternoon. The service was partially available at 5:00 PM.
Ooma improved it's services and gained much acceptance lately. The device is offered at BestBuy and tech stores like Fry's and Micro center. It was also noted when it added extensions for Google Voice recently. (Thanks to GoogleVoice, we were able to route our phone numbers to other phones)
The internet phone service (IP Telephony) provider has lately been releasing it's performances and targets for future.
We Use the service and have been quite happy with it!, except today!

Ooma's announcement regarding the service outage


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