Thursday, April 02, 2009

Time Warner Caps Monthly Data Rate Beyond Texas, Switch To Lesser Devils.

Time Warner Bandwidth Cap
Time Warner is Extending the its the draconian 40GB cap test in Beumont, Texas, to other cities. According to Business week, In April, Time Warner Cable will begin collecting information on its customers' Internet use in the Texas cities of Austin and San Antonio and in Rochester, N.Y. Consumption billing will begin in those cities later this summer. In Greensboro, N.C., the billing changes will begin sooner.

May it is time to switch to a service like, Comcast (250GB cap), AT&T (150GB). I am against the caps but 150GB is better than puny 40GB.

So may be it is drive by time warner to send you to theaters to watch movies as Gizmodo explained, "Every gig you overshoot your cap costs a dollar, meaning an HD movie download from iTunes could end up costing another $5 on top the $20 you're paying for the movie. Just four HD movies (assuming a conservative 5GB per flick) would swallow half of your allowed data for the month."

Forget about HD youtube and other tubes! Bandwidth caps Suck.

Businessweek via Gizmodo


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