Thursday, April 16, 2009

Apple's New Patents, Are they Android After thoughts?

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iPhone Patents
"There is a need for providing a user interface in a personal media device that minimizes either or both a user's physical and visual interactions with the personal media device, especially while the user is performing other activities that require, for example, the user's visual senses"
As soon as I read this, the first thing that came to my mind was the work of TV Raman at Google doing with Android phones, the Eyes Free Project.
According to Apple has filed two patent applications on features that incorporate motion and gesture user interfaces. The first was filed two weeks ago. And the second was filed Thursday.
Although fundamentally the same and different the companies will want to look what they are patenting, and I hope they are truly patentable.
Apart from motion from the motion-detecting technology, there could be a front facing camera on this iPhone, indicating videoconferencing on the iPhone, as per sketch of the device. Video Recording on iPhone is expected in the next release of the OS, iPhone OS 3.0 and the product that is rumored to be coming out this summer, of which we seem to know the iPhone Parts.


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