Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Asterisk: The Future of Telephony Book (Second Edition) Gets A New Site.

Asterisk TFOT
One of my favorite Asterisk Books, Asterisk: The Future of Telephony has got a new site. The site is based on the another popular book, Subversion book a tool that I use extensively. I have bought both the books as they help me in my day to day dealings and the authors deserves something for their services. You can buy the books, Asterisk, Subversion from the O'reilly Bookstore. It might provide more incentives and resources for Authors to write the next edition!

This was posted on Asterisk Documentation Project site;
"NEW! Asterisk: The Future of Telephony now has a new home! You can read the book online (HTML) by visiting Special thanks to the Subversion book guys for open sourcing their build tools and website template!"

Here are the formats of the books available;
For Asterisk 1.4

For feedback on the book or the book website, contact [Leif Madsen].


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