Monday, April 20, 2009

QuickOffice Mobile Office Suite For iPhone, (Word, Excel, Email & WiFi) In The Apple APP Store!

QuickOffice For iPhone,
Invariably we all set to work on those dreaded application at least once in a while. Spreadsheets are more of my taste and field than word processing. Usually I hit Google Docs when I am away from my desk for my Excel, spreadsheet work and some letter or memo writing. It is great but tou loose the finesse when you try to do that through iPhone web interface. Yes I have Google Tools on my iPhone(s) but still I am not very happy like when I use them from a larger screen.
Enter the quickOffice, with QuickWord, QuickSheet, And QuickOffice Files.
So what it is so good about this app? from the look of it everything, the super spreadsheet features and word processing with cut and paste! Yep, I think that alone will bring a few customers.
There are some very attractive features that makes me want to have this app, capability to mount the device as a wireless drive via WIFi with drag and drop file transfer capabilities.
You need to check out the app and read more if you want to know about the all the features of Word and Excel capabilities. The quickoffice is available in many other flavors besides iPhone.
The app is available via iTunes and I will be downloading it soon.


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