Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting Adicted To iPhone! And It's Apps

iPhone Apps Addict
Well it looks like the person in spotlight, Deborah is addicted to iPhone Apps, that forms and assists her with daily chores. iPhone App for every waking minutes of her life.
Initially I had also gone for a torrent of iPhone apps, both paid and free, but since the initial urges, I have settled down, picked a dozen and deleted the rest. I use iPhone, not other way around!
I have a few Apps that helps me with my work, some iPhone VoIP apps, a bunch of locations service apps, translators and a few games adorn my iPhone mobile top!
But Deborah seem to have an app for every task of her life;
her iphone "is a pedometer, a voice recorder, a gym coach and a budget tracker. It promises to find my parked car, give me a shoulder massage and even repel mosquitoes, for free or 99 cents and up."

"At 7:30 a.m., my alarm clock app, goodNite Lite, wakes me with a gentle chord. Too gentle, some might say, so it's best to turn up the volume.

Before I hit the pillow, I listen to Custom Hypnosis Lite. A soothing male voice tells me to relax and surprisingly, I do. I'm glad it doesn't tell me to do anything strange.

After a day of wall-to-wall apps, I'm amazed at all the things the iPhone can do outside of phone calls. Now if only my iPhone can do my taxes. Wait. There's probably an app for that."

If her story is true, I think she stands to will a prize at the billionth iPhone App Download contest.
Even though I do not like to promote AP stories, this one is an exception, Mercury News, that I read or see everyday carries the story of iPhone Addict.


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