Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sokol & Associates of Astricon fame acquired by Digium

I almost missed this news! Sokol & Associates has been acquired by Digium. I am sure you know who Digium is and if not here is a link!.and if you did not know what Astricon or Sokol is, here is blurb from Astricon site itself;
" AstriCon is the official conference for the wildly popular Asterisk PBX and telephony platform. AstriCon includes a wealth of information for those who are getting started with Asterisk, as well as those who have already discovered the power of open source telephony. AstriCon is also the meeting place for the Asterisk community, a diverse group of users, developers, entrepreneurs, and other fans."
So it is no surprise that Digium, the maker of Asterisk the Open Source Telephony platform, wants to acquire Sokol & Associates. And Asterisk CTO, Mark Spencer said: "Sokol & Associates has run Asterisk training classes around the world and has long been a central part of this community."
"By bringing Steve and his group on, Digium gains another conduit to new and advanced Asterisk users around the world."
I think this will be good union to both the companies.
By the way Astricon 2007 registrations are open! register now.


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