Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ranking Tweeters With Tweefind!

Another VoIP Blogger I follow Luca Filigheddu has set himself to the task of creating a twitter search engine based on a complex algorithm and a fine idea. Instead of just searching and presenting results based on time line, Tweefind takes in to account but not limited to;

  • # followers
  • # following
  • # of tweets
  • # of RT he/she receives
  • # of replies
  • # of distinct users who reply
  • # of distinct users who retweet
  • # of RT he/she makes
  • # of links the user shares
I think this should reveal good results as long as top ranked twitters provide good content. All the big boys I follow, usually does produce valuable content.
The search engine was just born and the engine has to learn an few things (Yes Add a Spam Filter, Search "VoIP" and you will see what I mean.) But generally other searches I performed gave me real good results.
If you check our the new Twitter Search engine site Tweefind out please also don't forget to visit inform the team your tips, suggestions and bugs.
Good luck Luca! (Tweefind Announcement)


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