Thursday, April 02, 2009

iPhone 3.0 JailBoken!

QuickPWN 3.0 Beta
iPhone Dev Team has announced that The 3.0 firmware from Apple has been jailbroken, and available for download. QuickPWN for Beta 3.0 for all iPod and iPhone devices except the Touch 2G is out there in the wild.
The new exploits are said to be done at hardware level making it difficult for Apple to patch them via software uploads. So the latest threat by Apple might not have an effect.
But you may want to watch out as Dev Team suggests;
"THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THE UNOFFICIAL QUICKPWN RELEASES IS THAT IF YOU USE THEM, YOU WILL KILL YELLOWSN0W, POSSIBLY FOREVER. That’s because QuickPwn, by its very nature, requires you to already have accepted Apple’s official IPSW, along with its baseband update. If you do that, you will (possibly forever) lose your ability to software-unlock your iPhone 3G."
So the drama is not over and there are many sites doing the followups using Dev Teams tools. So watch out.
Dev Team Blog


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