Friday, April 24, 2009

presidential BlackBerry 8830 On Its Way To White House.

Presidential BlackBerry 8830
As President Obama completes a very successful 100 days in the office, a device that President Obama wanted is making it's way into the White House. That is super secure Presidential BlackBerry 8830.
According to Washington Times "the top-secret BlackBerry 8830 is in the final stages of development by the National Security Agency, which will soon begin checking to make sure its encryption software meets federal standards. The device could be ready for use in the next few months"

Other than President Obama, top aides as well as first lady Michelle Obama expected to get secure BlackBerrys.

SecureVoice, developed by the Genesis Key Inc. of Washington is a key component of the device. SecureVoice can turn any BlackBerry 8830 or Curve into a device that is designed to defeat hackers, eavesdroppers and spies.

Washington Times


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