Monday, November 20, 2006

Why Skype Business version might not Fly!

Today I came across an article about skype folder pollution, by Skype Numerology. At first, I could not believe what was in the article, 281 folders? What are those programmers at Skype thinking? May be they thought we all are 80 year old grandma's installing skype to call grand children? I think they rely too much on users need to use free calls to do any proper programming or thoughtful arrangement of folders on users computer. May be they too busy hiding what skype is!
Well I am sure, it will not fly with any admin in any respectful business or corporate will allow such pollution on client computers. Imagine the nightmare, if you have to remove Skype, I am sure there will be whole bunch of those left behind.
I have not installed the version 3.0 beta yet. But I will try to install it on one of my virtual machines. For now I have to rely on the information provided bu Skype Numerology.

At the same time SN provides some requests and solutions to the problem. But if I see 281 folders, there are no solutions other than Skype programmers get their act together. Once this information gets out, I would like to see how many network or sys admins will go ahead and install the Skype Business version.

Skype Numerology: Skype Folder Pollution


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