Sunday, November 19, 2006

Gold's Gyms quest for VOIP Upgrade

I was reading an article on computer world today, It was a good article and shows how short sighted some people could be in their quest to hit the front line of technology. I think it is a good read if you are in anyway involved in technology at your company. It also shows how important to know your environment and your stock of technology and devices you have in place.
One thing I always tell people, if you have to anything that involves more than 25 device deployments, have a pilot, specially in the cases of VOIP or DATA networks. How ever funny it seems to be, you will come out a star after the full deployment. You can show those who laughed at you all the things that you attended or fixed.
So have a read how Gold's gym messed up a simple deployment with the aid of Quest. So before you run out and sign those contracts, take a deep breath, read them over and over, again.
Computer worlds The good bad and the ugly and the ugly of a VOIP Implementation


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