Thursday, November 16, 2006

IHT's Kevin discusses Skype and Ebay culture.

Kevin O'Brien at International Herald Tribune has written a lengthy but good article about Skype and Skype business at Ebay. "Waiting For Skype to Pay Off Ebay". He brings good and bad information about culture clashes, stiff headed managements and more than doubled Skype users (free skype downloads) together to paint a nice picture.
Once you read the article, you may wonder where Skype is going. It will certainly will not go out of business but the question arises as to if they could make a proper business out of Skype. Where Skype would become a day to day word in corporate world.
Andy Abramson over at VOIP WATCH, who lead me to the IHT article mentions hiring Michael Robertson in as president, (Michael is the guy who got you Lindows (Hey Micheal where is my PC?) and then Linspire and Freespire. He also has the SIPphone and MP3tunes under his arms now. SIPphone I think came from somewhere in France a while ago. But one thing is for sure, Andy is right and Michael is a sure footed business man. Skype will go ways if Micheal is at the helm. Thanks Andy for putting Disruptive thoughts in my mind.
IHT Kevin O'Brien's article
Andy's IHT on Skype
Micheal's Minute


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