Sunday, November 05, 2006

VOLO and VOIP Inc completes the 1st phase of IP Telephony network

Volo, a subsidiary of VOIP Inc. has completed the first phase of providing continental USA with dedicated VOIP IP Telephony network. VOLO currently offers services that blanket the U.S. and additional areas throughout the worlds through the use of existing network facilities offered by other carriers. The new plan expands the network through the build-out of the company’s own facilities, which replace and expand uncovered areas in the U.S. This offers the company greater market penetration, better quality of service and the ability to reduce its overall cost of goods for products and services sold.
The current implementation of the project covers the addition of locations in New York, Florida, Massachusetts and Georgia, which will enable it to service more than 50 million households and business subscriber lines.

The second phase is already underway and should be completed in February. That will expand Volo’s facilities-based network to additional areas including Colorado, Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, Washington, California and North Carolina. By completion of the fourth phase of expansion, expected by the end of 2007, the company plans to add 21 states to offer services to more than 200 million subscriber and enterprise lines. Services will also be available to ISPs, wireless broadband providers, carriers and next-generation service providers.



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