Wednesday, November 15, 2006

VOIP News publishes 50 Most influential people in VOIP for 2007.

Although many of people I admire, made to the list, see the end of the article for the my list out of VOIP News list. I think the list is not complete, not in anyway closer. But I consider this to be a stirrer. Missed out names will surface from the mire. The task of even attempting to create a such a list is admirable. Knowing very well that this will bring out praise and admonition.
One thing is for sure, people and things on the list are connected to VOIP IP Telephony in one way or the other. But the number one, Asterisk Community, I agree with the creators. But they left out other outfits like SER and OpenSER. May be I don't know what I am talking about! In that case where is the TrixBox? may be if the list was 100 most influential, they might have made it.
The item 2, 3 skip, don't bother to even notice. I would replace those with reed, bend along with wind, wherever it blows.
The Gorillas list, I would skip that too. But read it, you might get to know some names in big companies.
Now comes the list. Start reading carefully from number 13, follow the links if you have not visited those people or sites before. I like most of this list and they do make VOIP get further either through their efforts or creativity.
The other interesting part of the list starts from #26. Now if you are bored, read number 21 for a laugh!
From number 26-38, I like all of them, Thanks VOIP news. VOIP Security, VOIP News teams are all good but I like the mention of VOIP-INFO.ORG in the VOIP communities list.
So at the end I ended up with 32 PEOPLE from the list. So if I listed all it would be fair by the creators of the list. So I decided to guide along to the list, so you can decide for yourself.
VOIP News' list


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