Friday, November 10, 2006

SIP Express Media Server, SEMS, design documentation released by IPTEL.ORG

IPTEL.ORG, the site of SER, Sip Express Router, has released a design documentation for Sip Express Media Server, SEMS (v 0.10.0). If you are interested in the media servers in VOIP IP Telephony, then it is a must read. It is in PDF format and copy righted The document) by the creators and I cannot reproduce it here. But I have included an excerpt from the introduction so that you may catch the drift.
"This is the design overview for SEMS-ng. SEMS-ng is a high performance, carrier grade, extensible media server for SIP (RFC3261) based VoIP services. While a part of this guide also applies to older versions of SEMS (SEMS v0.8.12, SEMS v0.9.0), this
documentation is for SEMS-ng (SEMS v0.10.0). For further information about SEMS version 0.8.12 and 0.9.0 please refer to the documentation provided with the respective source packages. Nevertheless, for simplicity from now on SEMS-ng is referred to in this document as SEMS. For further information about SEMS versioning please refer to the SEMS-versions document.
The following chapter presents some design guidelines for SEMS. From these guidelines results a design, for which an overview is given in chapter three."

SEMS Design Document


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