Saturday, November 25, 2006

Celliax GSM and CDMA manager for Asterisk .

Celliax is a channel driver for the Asterisk Free PBX that manages GSM and CDMA cellular phones through an adapter, composed by a data cable (for commands) and an audio cable (for the voice) interfacing the computer sound card.

chan_celliax is also capable of making and receiving Skype calls through the cellphone, and has an app like app_directory that let you choose which one of your Skype contacts you want to call.

Celliax runs on Asterisk 1.2 on Linux and Windows (with cygwin and a little modification to the compilation of Asterisk to avoid the calls to sigkill), and on Asterisk 1.4 only in Linux (because Asterisk 1.4 itself does not build on Windows, at date).

Together with chan_celliax is distributed the Celliax LiveCD, with a working installation of Asterisk, chan_celliax, and configuration utilities based on Knoppix. The Celliax LiveCD contains also all is needed to run Celliax on Windows:the cygwin installer and the tgz with the asterisk-celliax stuff to be untarred in a basic cygwin installation.



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