Saturday, November 25, 2006

VOIPr Conr

This site has a new additional domain name now, VOIPr.CO.NR. Thanks to the Free service provided by If you want to secure a domain based on CO.NR, I suggest that you head over there.

So what exactly CO.NR give you? Well, they’ll provide you with a domain, for absolutely free., for life. They’re reliable, fast and dedicated. My registration went very well only 2 min and I have the new domain redirected to this site. All you have to do for them in return, is include a mini link back on one of your front page. I added it to my footer so ever page has it. Once I get a site going, I might have dedicated voipr site. The name is easy to remember, because it saves you from having to remember from a long winded name like I much prefer the simple VOIPr.CO.NR domain.


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