Tuesday, November 28, 2006

FirstHand Technologies Granted Patent for Wireless Telephony

Now yu can add one more to the list of VOIP Patents. According to a press release from
FirstHand Technologies, The have announced today that it has been granted a patent for a multi-protocol data communication system supporting wireless telephony and content delivery.
This patent is licensed from Columbia University, along with several pending applications on which Prof. Henning Schulzrinne of Columbia University is an inventor. Patents pending include inventions for reducing MAC layer hand off latency in wireless networks; for call routing in an IP telephony network; for unified messaging in internet,intranet telephony; for an Ethernet-based telephone and system for internet intranet telephony; for internet telephony based on SIP; and for a system and method for cooperative roaming.
Also according to the same news, For enterprises needing to mobilize their employees, FirstHand Technologies delivers the FirstHand Mobile Console and FirstHand Mobile Assistant. Both products extend the functionality of various IP PBXs to a variety of mobile devices. Using Mobile Console, enterprise workers can place and receive a call over the best available network - WiFi or cellular - optimizing for lowest cost, highest call quality or user preference. The Mobile Console delivers personal command and control of communications services over WiFi or WiFi and GSM or WiFi and CDMA network interfaces. Using Mobile Assistant, activities normally confined to the office can now be performed on a mobile device such as making and answering enterprise calls, checking and reviewing voice mail, looking up colleague availability and connecting with one or more of them with the click of a phone button.

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