Friday, November 24, 2006

Residential VOIP market gears up be Fat and Healthy

ZDNet Research reports that the residential market will reach 11.9 Billion by 2010. This figure is supplemented by the number of residential VoIP subscribers worldwide is expected to increase to 151.2 mln by 2010, rising at a CAGR, Compound Annual Growth Rate of 57.1% from 15.8 mln in 2005.
These are healthy figures for the VOIP providers as well as VOIP equipment makers. I think that these figure will also reflect healthy benefits to the VOIP users, be it corporate or Residential.
According to the article, "The residential segment is the second-largest market for VoIP gear. Equipment in this segment includes residential gateways and IP phones. Equipment makers are vying for a piece of the residential VoIP market, hoping to capture a slice of this growth. Telecom service providers also are aggressively targeting this segment in an attempt to maintain their share of the $430 bln annual voice market and to offer so-called triple-play services, i.e. suites of multimedia offerings consisting of video, audio communications and broadband Internet access."

ZDNet Research article


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