Wednesday, November 01, 2006

TrixBox does IVR

In a new product announcement Trixbox released this tiny bit of news about the big step trixbox have taken in the VOIP IP Telephony field. They have added IVR, interactive voice recognition to the trixbox. They have achieved this with integrating support for Digium's LumenVOX IVR software.
"Many businesses need speech recognition software," said Andrew Gillis, founder of trixbox and director of community development at Fonality. "trixbox is all about adding new capabilities to our platform and we are happy to integrate with LumenVox in the new 2.0 version of trixbox."
"With this integration with trixbox 2.0, we are bringing point-and-click installation and management of LumenVox speech recognition to the trixbox community. One of our goals as a company is to popularize the use of speech recognition technology across a variety of markets, and the trixbox 2.0 platform and its users are clearly in line with that mission," said Gerd Graumann, director of business development at LumenVox.

The LumenVox Speech Engine is the core speech recognition technology that handles the recognition of words and phrases. Lumenvox could be purchased fro the original Asterisk developer, Digium. Depending on your grammar requirements etc, you can purchase a version best fits your needs.

Trixbox 2.0
LumenVOX at Digium


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