Monday, November 13, 2006

Build a Skype server for your home or small office

This How to article appeared on Linux Journal a while ago, actually one year ago. But it got DIGGed recently and I cannot access the article any more (now you can, I think the server is less busy!). I think it is an innovative way to provide your home or office with Skype VOIP or IP Telephony service without much hassle (ok a little hassle if you are technically inclined). May be I should make a few of these boxen and sell them on Ebay!
The Skype server idea is so great that it does not have to be only for skype service, with a bit of thinking and tweaking, one might be able to adopt it for other like services.
One other thing is if you setup your system properly, you don't have to worry about not being a super node!! You take some and You give some.
So how do I build this thing? The Linux Journal article is a bit rusty but carries you through the process with diagrams and photos (some are not that relevant) but good enough to give you an start on your next big skype project.
Linux Journal article
Resources for the article


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