Tuesday, November 28, 2006

FreePBX release candidate is out!

Update, Apologies to Rob, I addressed you Tom! Now corrected!
On the heels of many a beta releases and hard work, FreePBX has announced that the release candidate is out. If you are a freePBX user, tester it is time to give a final push and check what Rob and the team has done. This time, we can see a real changelog, thanks!
FreePBX 2.2
- New Modules: phpagiconf, announcement, blacklist, cidlookup, customerdb, dictate, inventorydb, parking, pbdirectory, phonebook, printextensions, speeddials, ZoIP
- New option in amportal.conf for remote backups (as well as significant backup fixes)
- Changed Call Recordings to user MixMontior, better performance and more reliable.
- Fixed prefix lookup to use localcallingguide.com XML interface
- Fix potential security hole in CALLERID(name) and CALLERID(num) (see r2076)
- Redo front end with the new look, Thanks to Steven Fischer for the template
- Using new redirect() call, so the back button on the web browser is usable again
- New module management, including progress of downloads
- Added ability to 'lock' a trunk to only use a specified CID ('KEEPCID' patches)
- Add support for Hebrew (RTL) text formatting
- dialparties.agi now written in PHP
- Went rummaging around through the old sourceforge forums and found some patches that had been lost in the move
- FOP now using the latest version, .26
- Huge number (200+) of minor bug fixes
- Policy change with relation to releases. There is now a 'base' and a 'withmodules' package. The 'withmodules' pack is useful for machine that don't have easy internet access, and contains all the modules currently available at the time of the release. This is also useful for new installations, too.

So if you are a FreePBX user, you must be feeling like a kid in a candy store while big boys feels like a bull in a porcelain store!.
Pay a visit, down load, install, test and complain (report) to Rob.

FreePBX 2.2 RC announcement


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