Monday, November 27, 2006

One stop VOIP service from IBM and Vocaltec

IBM has developed a complete VoIP service package together with it's telephony business partner, Vocaltec, based entirely on open standards, Please note, not Open Source as many systems I attribute here. But it is a part of our domain and some customers demand assurance that company like IBM could afford to offer them. The main artery, I think it is the heart, of this solution is the application server Essentra BAX™, VocalTec. Essentra BAX™ features a three-tier architecture, consisting of a database, Web and Call Control & Feature servers. It runs on an IBM eServer x336 or IBM Blade Center under Red hat Linux. The x336 system already supports up to 20,000 users. But that does not stop there, the solution is scalable up to 2 million users, as customers are able to distribute the various components of the three-tier system on a number of X-Series servers or Blades, like database on one or two servers, Web control on another or a server farm, Call control on one or more servers etc. Even larger server farms like this could be managed as easy as a single server, thanks to the design of the system. Once deployed, communications take place within customer premises over own LANs or WANs, via SIP. To connect to existing PBX's or PSTN is conducted through Voice Gateways. A Session Border Controller (SBC) is provided for integrating with existing VOIP networks or other VOIP providers. If the customer requires more than the provided services, there are interfaces and APIs for services such as application servers, Voice mail, conferencing or Billing features. The IBM / Essentra-Bax solution offers a broader array of features and services, such as Boss Secretary Functions, Hunt Group or Attendant Console, required to manage telephony systems within an organization. The icing on the cake is, services by IBM, which offers one stop service for hardware and software procurement and implementation. This includes roll out Services, operations , maintenance or project management.

Vocaltec Essentra Bax
IBM Essentra BAX


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