Friday, November 24, 2006

Digital common sense puts sense on U3 Skype.

Ken Camp over at Digital Common sense has tried to put some sense into that fact of using Skype and breaching network security or and company policies. He has gone further than I have with the Cruzer thumbdrive and skype, than I did. I just tried it on a well secured? Active Directory environment workstation, during a security assessment of a site. As he said, I could run it without any problems. Now the client is changing it's AD policies. I will be back there after the thanks giving holiday and I will try what Ken did, Plug it in to a server!
But it is not the reason I am writing about Ken. Among other things I like FBI look Photo! and this guy has taste, While I was having 4 year old Italian wine at my friends place tonight, He had opened a bottle of A'bunadh 20 year old single malt scotch tonight ;).
But more about the article, he carries you through some advice on how to secure USB ports and general etiquette of following corporate policies. But the gem is, he brings out the idea of educating corporations or small business' today.

"Corporate policies regardin the use of Skype, the use of thumbdrives, and the use of other U3-based applications are all very weak today. That will have to change over time, but the education really needs to begin now, and become an ongoing part of the corporate culture."
I think it is a very good idea, today when anyone could pick up a 2GB Cruzer drive for $40.
Enjoy your scotch Ken!

Digital Common Sense article.


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