Sunday, November 05, 2006

Video Conferencing For Asterix, and it is open source too!

Indian developer Adiance Technologies has released an Alpha version of 1Videoconference, which it claims is one of the World's First open source web-based video conferencing solutions for Asterisk.

According to a statement from the company, it has succeeded in developing a solution to stream asterisk audio/video channels to a web browser, which could lead to advanced video solutions such as, IP TV, video conferencing, video contact center, remote surveillance, video kiosk and video PBX.
The 1VideoConference, available on Source forge, now allows web, audio/video phone, Skype, MSN and Yahoo users to participate in a multipoint video conference.

"Being open source, web-based and foot print free, video enabled and cost effective, 1videoConference, as I envision, will change the way people and businesses collaborate on day to day basis."

Here is what Adiance says about the project on their site;
"ADIANCE is dedicated to bridging the distances between people, enabling them to work side-by-side, no matter how vast the distance between them. Using state-of-the-art videoconferencing technologies, ADIANCE develops complete solutions that elevate communication throughout organizations.

We specialize in customizing the right Video Conferencing solution for our customers to help them achieve their objective whether for a point to point Video Conferencing over ISDN, IP or Leased Lines or for a multipoint Video Conferencing over ISDN, IP, Leased Lines, V-SAT or any combination thereof.

Our pioneering efforts helped us achieve the recognition of the “Best Provider” of Video Conferencing using VoIP Technology.

In Video Conferencing, we have implemented facilities, like play video on softphone, video on hold such as music on hold, video conference, text messaging, video voice mail etc. Our Video Conferencing Solution is very User-friendly. You don't need to be a computer expert to set up the system.

Also Our Video Conferencing Solution is very Affordable. It has become a "way of work" for your conference room which must deserve one because with VOIP – Video over IP, it will be cheap and fast. Here, we will send Video using normal Internet bandwidth as we are using in audio in Voice over IP.

Today’s Businesses see a video conference as an alternative to a face-to-face meeting where participants would otherwise have to travel possibly long distances.

The benefits that users have regularly identified include:

# Reduced travel cost
# Tighter management of geographically-dispersed projects
# Faster and Better decision making
# Improved Productivity
# Video voice mail
# Video on hold
# Text messaging between registered users"



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