Monday, November 20, 2006

SunRocket get powerd by GE engine!

Who does not know of GE, everyone here in USA does as it is a household name. I also have seen many a GE stuff in other countries. So it is safer to say, GE is one of the well known global Brands.
So what happens when a company like GE makes and brands the VOIP phone for your VOIP IP Telephony company. My guess is that it will fly like a rocket, or take off like a rocket. I think that is what SunRocket is expecting when the made the announcement on last Friday.
I guess this is good news for SunROcket and for VOIP in General. More the people know about the product, more will be using it. GE is a brand name that even my grand father would recognize. GE has the clout to bring any household product to the forefronts of departmental stores.
This is what SunRocket pres release has to say;
"World's largest manufacturer and distributor of phones combines with one of the fastest growing Internet phone service providers to explore promotional and product opportunities"
"SunRocket, one of the nation's fastest-growing Internet phone service providers, today announced that Thomson, Inc., licensee of the GE brand for telephony products and the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of landline phones, will enter into an agreement to explore various promotional activities to expand the presence of SunRocket's VoIP services."

SunRocket Press release


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