Thursday, November 16, 2006

SMB plus VOIP is SIPxNANO from Pingtel

Pingtel has teamed up with Patton Electronics to create SIPxNANO, a small, mac mini style, IPPBX designed for small businesses with no more than 30 extension needs.
Although it is small in size, it is designed to deliver enterprise class, SIP based VOIP IP Telephony to SMBs. The hardware consists of Patton's NanoServ ultra compact server technology. The software is based on Pingtels SIPxChange ECS and tailored to fit the hardware.
This combination is able to provide, Integrated voice mail, email, auto attendants, IVR, and web based configuration and management at a low cost. According to the information, the SIPxNANO is compatible with industry standard IP Telephony devices. So it is plug, configure and play for most of the IP phones.
From the other devices on the market, SMB targeted devices in this class are not feature set similar to SIPxNANO. They are manufactured to wet the appetite and if the user to ask for any of the mentioned features, they are asked to upgrade to the next level, enterprise IPPBXs.
SIPxNANO seems to fill a void created by other manufactures themselves at a low cost and a small space in the hardware closet.

Feature list from Patton;
Full Function Enterprise PBX -- Complete call control, voicemail and administrative systems.

Drives Intra-Enterprise Calling Costs Down -- All voice traffic is transported as data across your data connection on the enterprise IP network.

Geographically Unified Calling Features -- All employees with an Internet connection can have access to the same PBX features from any location.

Easy to Use System Configuration -- Full system and user administration via web interface.

Voice mail and Email Integration -- Sends your voice mail to your email.

Web-Based Self-Administration -- Users can specify call forwarding, call routing and voice mail preferences through the web interface.

Pingtel SIPxNANO
Patton Electronics


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