Thursday, November 30, 2006

Silver needle in the Skype

Philippe BIONDI and Fabrice DESCLAUX has written a paper / a presentation for Blackhat Europe.
The paper is a bit old but gives a view of how Skype works. Anyone who is interested in Skype, technically, may want to browse through the presentation.
Here are the contents;
1 Context of the study

2 Skype protections
Binary packing
Code integrity checks
Anti debugging technichs
Code obfuscation

3 Skype seen from the network
Skype network obfuscation
Low level data transport
Thought it was over?
How to speak Skype

4 Advanced/diverted Skype functions
Analysis of the login phase
Playing with Skype Tra±c
Nice commands

5 Conclusion
Enjoy your skype!

Silver Needle in Skype


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