Saturday, November 25, 2006

RTX Cordless DualPhone 3088 for Skype and PSTN

Skype Gadgets and Skype itself are reporting about RTX Cordless DualPhone 3088.
Model: RTX DUALphone 3088

• Cordless Skype Phone
• No PC Required
• Make Skype calls without a computer

Best part for Skype is that it does not require a PC to make Skype calls or receive Skype calls. You can also use the same phone for call out through PSTN, aka your local phone system.
The LCD display of the RTX Standalone Cordless Skype Phone shows all of your Skype friends/buddies who are online. So make your VOIP IP Telephony experience a PCless, cordless one.

Skype Gadgets
Skype gear road test on Skype site.
Product site.


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