Monday, November 27, 2006

OpenPBX RC2 is ready for testing.

If you not heard before, is a community driven software PBX project.OpenPBX in the same line of Asterisk but with differences. The most important differences between OpenPBX and Asterisk are;
Built-in STUN support,
The use of SpanDSP for better codecs
Full T.38 fax over IP support
Sqlite instead of Berkeley DB
Universal jitterbuffer,
POSIX timers to avoid Zaptel timing dependencies
Greater speed
Efficient dialplan execution.

Support is via mail list and Wiki
I am testing the current release on a FreeBSD 7. But I have not come across any major issues. I did have some trouble, my own making, with Zaptel drivers. You can help out the development by testing on your favorite platform, which includes NetBSD, FreeBSD 6.2 and 7, Mac OS X, and of course your favorite, happy feet, linux distribution.

OpenPBX home
OpenPBX wiki
OpenPBX mailing list


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