Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New GUI for Asterisk, Callware Voiceone.

A Source forge based Open Source project has developed an Management Gui for the IPPBX, Asterisk. I know all of you will say Go for Trixbox (I am already there ;)) but I want to give exposure to all applications that enhance Asterisk. I have not tried the product yet an all information I am providing is based on VoiceOne website.
The current release is 0.4.2. If you are a code Guru, you can grab the SVN version from the Sourceforge site.
From the outlook of the product, it seems promising. The interface is based on PHP and even though it is in it's infancy many a features listed below are functional. They have an online demo that you could test out application and the function. Since these interfaces to Asterisk are personal tastes, some may prefer VoiceOne and asterisk to Trixbox!
Following are the feature list from the web site. So even if you already have Asterisk IPPBX management console, go check it out, give a boost to OSS developers.
* Client/Server architecture based on web services
* Relies on Asterisk real time Architecture (ARA) for database storage
* Two different panels, Personal for users and Configuration for administrators
* Extensions management
* Fully customizable users profile, including Voice mail, Call Forwarding ("Follow Me") and Do Not Disturb
* Highly configurable rule sets for outbound and inbound calls
* Static LCR (Least Cost Routing)
* Supports VoIP providers (SIP and IAX) and traditional Telco carriers
* Links remote offices via IAX with RSA public key encryption
* Powerful IVR creation system
* Queues management
* Conference rooms handling
* Sounds and Music On Hold management
* Applications and macros editor
* System Macros and Functions preloaded (DID/DDI, Call Back and DISA included)
* Plugins system to share ready-to-use macros and application with the VoiceOne community
* Powerful configuration of mISDN and Zap drivers based hardware
* Java SIP phone embedded
* I/O interface and PBX CLI (Command Line Interface)
* Static-like text editor for conf files

Callware VoiceOne
VoiceOne Demo
Quick Install Guide
Sourceforge Project


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